A Dialectic Reading   This chapter discusses the new important subjects of sociology that have emerged from the late 20th century: globalization, post industrialism, and postmodernity. The chapter attempts to give an overview of where we are heading as a society since globalization has begun.   Globalization can be explained as a shift in […]

Dialectic Reading   This article looks at the importance of critically looking at the politics of current events and the act of doing what is right. September 11 was a great tragedy. Thousands died. But millions died in the Japanese bombing. As did many die during the Cold War. The focus on this article is […]

  An Affective Reading   This video is of a man moving into a small town where land is cheap in order to have a majority of white nationalist individuals to control the town with the majority vote. He said that he does not welcome minorities because they threaten what he loves. He seems to […]

  I am enrolled in Sociology because as a teenager I wondered why some were treated better with privileges in society, while others are left to rot. I decided to forget every thing I have learned in my life and start anew, without and preconceived biases. Unfortunately, this new critical analysis fulfilled lifestyle has given […]

An Affective Reading This video illustrates how the world is CONSTANTLY changing around us. The change is exponential. We are taught in school about disciplines that have existed for years, but the jobs that some of us will be working are not even created yet! Astounding! The amount of research it takes to study something […]

  A Dialectic Reading   This video is concerned with dealing with overcoming ethnocentrism. In class we learned that we are all ethnocentric. This video questions how to overcome ethnocentrism and how to avoid assumptions.   The answer to this is to decide consciously realize that we do make assumptions about people and cultures before […]

A Paraphrastic Reading   Dr. Charles’ article debunks the myths of the difference between the races in this article. For centuries man has found differences in races and pointed out that some races are inferior. However, these studies have been debunked and have found to hold no merit. It has been proven that two people […]